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Dina L. Turner began her comedy career in 2004. She’s traveled all over northern and southern California, Nevada, and Chicago building her comedy style. In 2006, she decided to switch to Christian comedy and began a journey of self discovery. During her 13 year comedic journey she realized that God was not fully considered when making decisions in her life. Dina decided it’s time to have a long, candid and honest talk with God about her dream and His purpose. Once she let go of what others thought who Dina should be, God began to make the crooked places straight in her life. Currently and with clarity, Dina has reshaped her comedic style where she is now doing what God created her to do freely. Reaching people with laughter while sharing her life, in hopes that people realize that it’s never too late to dream and never too late to succeed. Dina says, “When I feel in doubt about the gift God has given me, I always refer to the scripture God gave me from Genesis 21:6 “And Sarah declared, God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me.” I will move as my Father would tell me. To stay on the path of righteousness. Rock steady and hold what I got and don’t fall for no wooden nickles LOL. Mr. William (Maye’s Son) Turner. My best friend, my hero, my king, MY DAD”. Forever and always. Amen